• Customer support minus the repetitive tasks.
  • AI powered automations to streamline your teams' workflows, neatly prioritizing, organizing all new customer enquiries and assigning them to the right agents. No more to-do lists, and the only work the support team has to do is to craft customer responses.
  • Automations scan through every enquiry as soon as customers make contact. They perform actions depending on from where customers have contacted you, what they've contacted you about, etc. For example, tickets can be automatically prioritized and assigned to the right teams depending on whether the customer has contacted you over social media and what they have written to you about. 
  • With automatic ticket assignment, issues are brought to the attention of the right agent instantly. Tickets can be assigned based on an agent's skill or workload, or they can be distributed equally amongst your team. All your team has to do is work from their inbox views. This way, you can be assured that your customers get answers as quickly as possible.